Kamiskotia Ski Hill – Timmins, Ontario

Outdoor Park Lighting – Kamiskotia Ski Hill

Kamiskotia Snow Resort is a ski resort located in the City of Timmins, Ontario. The Timmins area is known for its high snowfall and ideal ski conditions.

The resort owners operate a Snow Tubing Park that operates until 11:00pm most nights. Electricity is always in high demand on a ski hill and the owners were looking for a way to improve the night lighting in a way that was cost effective to their business model.

  • Outdoor winter operation and maintenance were factors in the selection of park lighting. Park lighting is exposed to the elements all year around.
  • Average daily winter temperature is about -15C but the temperature has been recorded as low as -40C.
  • Park lighting is located at approximately 10m in height. Lamp replacement is done by maintenance staff using a ladder tied-off to the light pole. Wind, ice, snow are all safety factors when a staff member is climbing a ladder to replace a lamp.

What caught the resort owner’s attention was the potential electricity savings using Lumenova’s outdoor, area lighting systems.

  • Conventional outdoor lighting (HPS, HID) tolerate low temperatures and winter elements to various degrees depending on the technology used. Lamp replacement on a ski hill is a maintenance challenge.
  • Lumenova’s XCANLED technology produces high quality light that is brighter, uses substantially less power and has longer life than conventional outdoor lighting alternatives.

Lumenova Design was selected as the vendor of choice based on the some key features of its XCANLED that appealed to the owners.

  • Low maintenance requirements – lifespan of 100,000 hours.
  • Ability to operate in outdoor winter conditions:
    • Robust aluminum housing for outdoor applications.
    • Operating temperature range from -40C to +85C.
    • Rated IP66 (Ingress Protection).
  • Power savings – the XCANLED is a cost viable alternative to High Pressure Sodium (HPS) or High Intensity Discharge (HID) fixtures


Four XCANLEDs were installed for the Snow Tubing Park at the Kamiskotia Resort in an area previously lit with traditional HPS fixtures.


What impressed the resort owners was that the new lights were brighter and used half the power of their conventional lighting systems.

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