Architectural Luminaire Design

Lumenova Design specializes in delivering turnkey lighting solutions and layouts to architects & offers a broad range of custom solutions to the architectural lighting market.

A key focus is smart lighting for the next generation of intelligent buildings. UNEP figures show that energy for lighting consumed 5% of global GHG emissions (UNEP, 2010). As architectural lighting enters a new era of smart control for energy efficiency, the Lumenova Design is poised to help our clients design the next generation of smart LED lighting such as wireless data networking, programmable LED functionality, smart sensors and Building Integrated Management systems.

Combined with our industrial design aesthetics we are in a unique position to take the toughest lighting challenges off your hands and deliver a beautiful smart lighting solution to your client. Our proven Stage-Gate development process ensures clients needs are heard at every stage of the design cycle. Architectural lighting design is our key focus and passion.

Lumeova Design has decades of broad industry experience and one of the best lighting design teams in the industry. Our broad sector experience enables us to deal with any lighting problem. We take pride in our focus on aesthetics and artistry, working with graphic artists and stage lighting experts to deliver a architectural lighting solution that is both memorable, compelling and functional. We have access to a full range of innovative, energy efficient and beautiful lighting products and when there isn’t one to meet your specific application, our oem manufacturing expertise enables us to manufacture a custom luminaire solution.

Our Process

Listen → ➋ Concept Design → ➌ Detailed Design → ➍ Installation → ➎ Hand Over


This is the first stage of our relationship with any new client. We listen to the needs of the client, which is what leads the design process.


We listen carefully to our client’s needs, identify the lighting objectives, delivery schedule and budget as well as all the important lighting parameters in order to define the specific program for the project. If the client already has a lighting brief and concept drawings for our team, and our team successfully vets the design, we can jump immediately to Design stage.

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A Lighting Brief that captures the clients architectural lighting requirements and a draft lighting solution plan that is based upon all pertinent lighting parameters from architectural considerations consisting of:

  • Lighting system general requirements
  • Lighting system building and/or site layout
  • Chromatic and photonic requirements
  • Sensors, networking and communications requirements
  • Control system requirements
  • Relevant lighting conditions including daylight, night-time, and all user and climate conditions
  • Human photobiology and user experience requirements
  • Costs, milestones and delivery schedule
  • Ecological requirements
  • Smart lighting requirements
    • on/off cycling
    • controls
    • sensors
    • automation system

We work with the client to do upfront project planning, identifying delivery date, key deliverables and milestones as well as set up the teams and communication protocol to enable the customer to monitor the design process closely and provide critical feedback.

Concept Design

When the client formally signs off on the Lighting Brief, it triggers the start of Concept Design / Ideation stage.


Development of a draft high level engineering plan of an architectural lighting system that meets all the client’s specifications and lighting industry standards defined in the Lighting Brief. This plan is used as the basis for talking points with the client, leading to the definition of the full design specification that begins the full design stage.

Custom LED Fixture Design


  • Lighting system architecture drawing
  • Lighting system rough site layout
  • Luminaire selection based on aesthetic, chromatic, environmental, power smart lighting and other requirements
  • (Optional) photometric study
  • Central lighting SCADA software, PLC or other control system
  • Design to meet all relevant lighting conditions including daylight, night-time, and all user and climate conditions
  • User experience, photobiology elements
  • Energy requirements & smart lighting requirements
    • On/off cycling
    • Controls
    • Sensors
    • Automation system

Detailed Design

When the client formally signs off the Concept Design Brief, it triggers the start of the Detailed Design stage.


A full team of electrical, mechanical, process, software & optical scientists, engineers, technologists and industrial designers collaborate to create all the detailed design documents. The package of specifications, drawings, schematics and studies are sent to our team of manufacturing engineers and to the client for feedback & approval.

Calgary Architectural LED


A Detailed Design Package consisting of:

  • 3D photometric model of the building or site, using optimum luminaires under all client specified use conditions and meeting client photonic requirements
  • Optional comparative studies (if replacing older lights, as required showing energy savings)
  • Full set of engineering drawings
  • All engineering calculations
  • Full set of Bill of Materials
  • Optional software GUI configuration design
  • Full written engineering specification designed to customer and industry standard specifications
  • Inhouse system testing, bench testing and burn-in
  • System packaging for site delivery
  • Installation plan
  • Installation and operation manual


When the client signs off on the Detailed Design Package, it triggers the start of the Installation stage.


During the installation stage, a team of technologists, engineers and programmers travel to the site and install the architectural lighting system. For smart lighting systems, all sensors and controls are tested. Data communication is checked to ensure communication integrity. Luminance, chromatic output and energy consumption is measured and checked against design targets. On-site commissioning is also handled during this stage. Finally, building staff are trained in the operation of controls, maintenance, mobile software Apps and any central monitoring.

Architectural Lighting Design


  • Install complete system or in phases
  • Fully tested and commissioned lighting system
  • Operating and maintenance manual
  • Staff training
  • Any post installation warranty work as covered by warranty agreement

Hand Over

When the installation of the system has been finalized, it is handed over to the building staff.


With the completion of all work, the project is ready to be handed over. A set of full documentation is drawn up and a warranty is supplied to the architect and building owner. Pending client satisfaction, the job is completed.

Custom Lighting Services


A full documentation package including:

  • Specifications of luminaires
  • Specifications of hardware
  • Operating procedure
  • Maintenance procedure
  • Warranty

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