Custom Fixture Design

We will deliver an end product that meets your specifications, the highest quality standards as well as competitive price points for your niche application.

Lumenova Design offers an OEM, contract manufacturing and private labeling service for clients who need a custom luminaire solution. We leverage our industry expertise and supply chain expertise to custom build an OEM luminaire to meet your specific requirements, and provide a complete service from initial concept to design, certification, final manufacturing and documentation.

We design to all industry standard compliances in lighting, environmental protection, hazardous location, vibration and water ingress.

We apply a proven Stage-Gate development methodology that establishes a clear, transparent and efficient communication process with our client, keeping you in the loop through the entire product development cycle. We begin with your design ideas and deliver an exceptional ready-to-manufacture end product meeting all industry standards.

Our Process

Listen → ➋ Concept Design → ➌ Detailed Design → ➍ Prototype → ➎ Testing → ➏ Tooling → ➐ Full Production


This is the first stage of our relationship with any new client. We listen to the needs of the client, which is what leads the design process.


We listen carefully to our client’s needs, identify the lighting objectives, delivery schedule and budget as well as all the important lighting parameters in order to define the specific program for the project. If the client already has a lighting brief and concept drawings for our team, and our team successfully vets the design, we can jump immediately to Design stage.

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A Lighting Brief that captures all the pertinent details of the customers requirements for a custom luminaire designed, consisting of:

  • General requirements
  • User experience requirements
  • Energy efficiency and sustainability requirements
  • Packaging and environmental requirements
  • Chromatic and photonic requirements
  • Sensors, networking and communications requirements
  • Control system requirements
  • Photobiology, daylight, night-time, user, ecological and climate requirements
  • Smart lighting requirements
    • On/off cycling
    • Controls
    • Sensors
    • Automation system
  • Budget for design, compliance, manufacturing, maintenance
  • Delivery schedule, milestones and timelines

We work with the client to do upfront project planning, identifying delivery date, key deliverables and milestones as well as set up the teams and communication protocol to enable the customer to monitor the design process closely and provide critical feedback.

Concept Design

When the client formally signs off on the Lighting Brief, it triggers the start of Concept Design / Ideation stage.


Development of a complete, detailed high level engineering lighting product draft specification that meets all the client’s specifications and lighting industry standards. This specification consolidates all the information gathered in the Listening stage and serves as talking points with the client to proceed with a full design in the next stage.

Custom LED Fixture Design


  • Mechanical and packaging concept drawings
  • User interfaces and operation
  • System Architecture drawings
  • Photometric rendering of optical beam patterns
  • Highlights of any design challenges
  • Optional high level software system specification
  • Written datasheet design specifications
  • Granular Bill of Materials
  • Estimated prototyping / design costs and per unit production cost including all certifications
  • Work flow, delivery schedule and milestones
  • Payment schedule

Detailed Design

When the client formally signs off the Concept Design Brief, it triggers the start of the Detailed Design stage.


A full team of electrical, mechanical, process, software & optical scientists, engineers, technologists and industrial designers collaborate to create all the detailed design documents. The package of specifications, drawings, schematics and studies are sent to our team of manufacturing engineers and to the client for feedback & approval.

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  • 3D rendering of the final product
  • Complete photometric 3D heat map model of the different design optical beam patterns of the luminaire operating in design scenarios of the target environment(s)
  • Complete payback studies
  • Full set of engineering drawings detailing:
    • Packaging
    • Electronics
    • Optics engine including optical hardware such as LEDs, lens & lightguides
    • Mounting hardware
  • Full Bill of Materials
  • Full set of mechanical and electronic CAD files
  • Full software design source files for GUI and embedded code
  • Full written engineering specification designed to customer and industry standard specifications


When our internal team of manufacturing engineers and the client both formally sign off the Detailed Design Package, it triggers the start of the Prototype stage.


A full team of electrical, mechanical, software, manufacturing engineers, technologists and supply chain buyers collaborate on a prototype production run to manufacture a small number of prototypes that meets the specifications generated in the design package. This includes manufacture of the expensive dies or molds for the package. The prototype is delivered to the internal testing division for final testing.

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One or more fully functional production prototypes that meets the Detailed Design Package specifications is sent to the internal manufacturing testing division. Functional or non-functional prototypes may be delivered to client’s engineers as well at this stage for field testing or marketing purposes.


When a limited number of prototypes have been successfully manufactured, these are delivered to our manufacturing testing division.


We perform a series of tests to validate that the prototype specifications and quality & industry compliance standards. This provides feedback to designers who can tweak the design if required. During this stage, we also perform compliance standards checking, to ensure that the product is as ready as possible for submission to standards testing agencies for full compliance standards testing.

Architectural Lighting Design


  • All non-certification testing including all environmental testing
  • A Test Report that summarizes fully bench and field tested units that meets all in-house manufacturing and client design and application specifications
  • This includes comparison of photometric design models with real field photonic measurements
  • All final test results fall within original design specification acceptance error bands


When a limited number of prototypes have been successfully tested, these are delivered to our manufacturing and certification division.


During the production tooling stage we begin to prepare for a smooth transition to the full production manufacturing process. Production manufacturing tooling is done to ensure all production tools and equipment are ready, all assembly and testing stations are ready and full compliance certification is commenced. Final branding design is also done to private label the product.

Color Changing LED


  • Develop standard operating procedures and quality standard for the manufacturing process
  • Complete all labeling and branding
  • Tooling for manufacturing and manufacture initial production parts including:
    • Finalize quantity for intial production run
    • Setup assembly benches and stock with necessary tools and consumables
    • Train assemblers on assembly of new product
    • Preorder all parts for first production run
    • Setup test procedures and stock testing station with any additional tools or consumables
    • Setup optional firmware, software loading station
    • Train test engineers and technologist on how to perform production testing
    • Setup any machine shop production tooling
    • Order branding labels
  • Secure all final industry certifications
  • Finalize and trial high order workflow process

Full Production

When all Manufacturing toolup, standards and certifications are completed, it triggers full production to begin on pre-determined date.


This is the last stage, full production. It is the culmination of the entire development cycle, when we are ready to manufacture and deliver fully functional, packaged and tested production units that meet all industry standards.  The final units are branded with your private label and ready to ship out to anywhere in the world. A full documentation manual is also included along with any configuration software.

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Final production manufacturing of custom private label luminaire, fully factory-tested, configured, branded and packaged, ready to deliver to clients anywhere on the planet.

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