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Extreme environment, medium output, horticultural & human health

Lumenova’s AR-GL LED luminaires are designed for horticultural, photobiological and human health lighting applications. In horticultural applications, they provide the full PAR spectrum output (400 – 700 nm) and can replace traditional 500 Watt HPS fixtures. The AR was created to respond to strong client demand for a multi-function LED luminaire for growing leafy greens, marijuana, biofuel, algae, plant research and human health applications. The AR-GL uses the same special non-stick anti-adhesive coating as the AR to offer a durable, exterior rated finish that is highly resistant to the aggressive cleaning processes in food processing industry and significantly reduces fouling in dirty environments. The AR-GL is rated IP66/67. It can be spray washed and is industrially designed to prevent debris from accumulating on its surface.

The AR-GL luminaire offers the highest LED performance possible with system efficacy up to 2.2 PPF/watt.  Different models support different spectrum composition such as extra red for flowering cycle to full sunlight spectrum lighting for the vegetative cycle. It supports a variety of mounting options. Designed to last 5x longer than conventional light sources with Lumen maintenance greater than 100,000 hours, it is the perfect replacement for 500-watt HPS luminaires, offering a 2x power savings. The AR is certified for UL and CSA general location.

Key Features

  • Emits light in PAR range of plants (400-700nm)
  • Sunlight model’s spectrum tunable to specific plant crop and lifecycle
  • 6 – 2.2 PPF/watt delivered, depending on the model
  • -40 to 55 C operating temp range
  • Corrosion, water, debris and chemical resistant
  • Controlled, uniform, high-quality (young) plant output supports different growth characteristics, including full spectrum versions
  • Less heat radiation for conditioned environments supports multilayer installations
  • Energy savings of up to 50% compared to HPS
  • Thermally managed for maximum longevity
  • 5 times the lifetime as HPS luminaires
  • Multiple adjustable mounting options
  • Operation and environmental benefits of LED technology
  • Available high Color Rendering Index of 90+ CRI
  • Vented enclosure ensures long-term reliability
  • 0-10V Dimming 1%-100%


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