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The humble lamp pole is emerging as the critical component of any smart city strategy. Its ubiquity and access to power give it a key role as a smart city node. A wireless network of intelligent lamp poles coupled with IoT gives the city network intelligence, seamlessly connecting people, building, transportation, water and utility infrastructure together. And with the Nemalux IntelliPole, the smart lamp pole just became a little smarter. With integrated AI and Deep Learning, the Nemalux IntelliPole brings a whole new dimension to the word smart lighting. With years of experience in the industrial marketplace, The IntelliPole delivers a robust smart pole for commercial and industrial applications alike.  Marrying the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) with ubiquitous wireless and AI, the IntelliPole delivers on the promise of seamless man-machine interface to transform how we work.

IntelliPole is an intelligent lighting node featuring a highly integrated smart luminaire design that includes industrial grade, low power LED lighting, occupancy and presence sensing, 360-degree camera, a range of Industrial IoT sensors and audio & video interface. Nodes can be installed with high-speed enterprise-grade mesh Wi-Fi or Industrial IoT-ready, secure cellular to create a wireless network connected to the web. An off-grid Solar PV version is available when power is not available.

What really sets the IntelliPole apart from other smart lamp pole solutions is the powerful Lumencloud software with data analytics, AI and machine learning. Each IntelliPole packetizes and sends its IoT, audio-visual and other data to the Lumencloud. Users can configure any field of the IntelliPole message to be displayed on the UI. Lumencloud aggregates and analyzes streaming data across the entire network and, using AI and machine learning, translates the data complexity to business intelligence that improves human performance. Blockchain technology enables enterprise-grade, secure micro-transactions with any node. Clients can monetize data from any IntelliPole node.

IntelliPole offers a complete turnkey solution to OEM clients, including IntelliPole hardware nodes and responsive AI to harvest data in the entire network and offer real-time, network-wide learning, intelligence and controls to maximize efficiency for performance, safety and health.

  • Ubiquitous network coverage provided by entire IntelliPole network
  • Track work flow including beginning and end of shift through vehicle status such as ignition, on/off
  • Track vehicle movement with GPS coordinates
  • Monitor, model and advise operator via behavior-based performance prediction
  • Track job performance and efficiency and use data to optimize work flow
  • Track and log user messaging – phone calls, mobile data, tablets, laptops and send to end user immediately
  • Backend analysis and support of maintenance field work
  • Track logistics and material flows via RFID tags, bar codes, serial numbers
  • Capture and analyze data in realtime
  • Monitor SCADA and send back to central control room
  • Set alarm thresholds for service, maintenance and dangerous and unsafe work conditions and trigger appropriate control actions if thresholds exceeded
  • Monitor security and respond


  • Intelligent SCADA and IIoT
  • Plantwide communication fabric
  • Data communications / Metro Area Network
  • Automated logistics and coordination
  • Safety and Hazard identification and response
  • Optimizing job performance
  • Security, facial recognition
  • Responses to emergencies
  • Advertising & media
  • Public engagement

Hardware Features

  • Smart lighting node with dedicated IP address
  • Integrated luminaire with PV panel, luminaire, camera and sensors.
  • Power options – 120VAC, 240VAC or solar PV for complete offgrid power
  • Lithium ion battery
  • Low power LED lighting with variable beam patterns
  • smart lighting controller with occupancy and presence sensing
  • 360 degree camera
  • IIoT sensors
  • Audio & video interface
  • Communications – High speed enterprise-grade mesh Wi-Fi or IIoT ready secure cellular, other wireless protocols for IIoT
  • Redundancy via failover to Power Line Communications
  • Extended temperature range
  • IIoT gateway

AI Features

OEMs can benefit enormously from configurable AI tailored to their application. The wide range of sensors, video and audio inputs, coupled with powerful wireless network functions provide AI with a rich set of functions:

  • Network intelligence for monitoring and control across the entire IntelliPole network
  • Deep Learning for user tasks
  • Feature extraction from big IIoT datasets
  • Behavioral feedback, and performance recommendation
  • User interaction with projected images
  • Blockchain for secure tamperproof data and IIoT microtransactions
  • 128 bit encryption
  • Chatbox dialogue with the public
  • Data analytics
  • Standard interface to client application system
  • Sophisticated search through big data / IoT data
  • Structured decision making
  • Training on large sets of captured data
  • Central software that can be customized to your solution
  • Early warning system


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