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Versatile multi-purpose LED luminaire replacement for 75-250W HID fixtures.

Lumenova Design introduces the MR Series, one of our most versatile LED luminaires to date. The MR with its’ rich features offers an unprecedented level of flexibility for the replacement of traditional 75-250 Watt HID fixtures. The MR was created to respond to client demand for a multi-purpose LED luminaire that could eliminate the need to stock many different types of fixtures.  Lumenova listened to the needs of our customers and created a rugged, multi-function LED luminaire configurable for a wide variety of applications and industries.


The MR is a rugged luminaire designed for a variety of environments. It’s unique finned designed combined with features such as large head surface area, high performance LEDs, power supply directly heatsinked to the case, temperature controller and physical separation of electronics and LEDs keeps the unit operating at maximum efficiency, even at 55°C. A junction box is provided for easy wiring and it has a fault-tolerant and fail-safe design for increased reliability and resiliency. The MR’s lens-per-quadrant design allows up to 4 standard and 20 custom beam patterns.

Key Features

  • Multi-functional, feature rich configurable fixture
  • Replacement for traditional 75-250W HID fixture
  • Advanced optics – 1 x lens per LED quadrant
  • Supports 4 standard/20 custom optical profiles
  • Low 66mm profile for easy installation in tight locations
  • DLC Qualified on some SKUs
  • True replacement for standard Low Bay fixtures
  • Mounting versatility – 5 mounting options
  • Superior lighting throw capabilities
  • MR lighting designs reduce glare and improve safety
  • Built-in junction box to minimize installation time




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